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William Howell

Biographical Sketch of William Howell

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all those who completed the restoration of the grave sites of William Howell (father of our Sarah Howell McKnight) and David Howell, discovered in Australia in 2009. Our McKnight family members completed a restoration fund raising with over 20 individuals or families contributing. Our restoration partners in Australia: the Bendigo Ward, Deer Park Stake, LDS Church did the cement work, installed the new plaques, performed the rededication, and made the grave site a special place for visitors many years into the future. The grave was rededicated October 30, 2010.  A Special thanks to the following:

Barbara Hewett for rediscovering the grave and for her energy in seeing this project through to completion.

Graeme Hewett and Richard Lowe for the beautiful work they have done in restoring the gravesite.

Bishop Bowley, the leadership, and members of the Bendigo Ward for their wonderful support of this project.

Photos of this restoration project and rededication are posted below.

Gravesite Restoration Project Photos

2009 Photos of the William Howell Gravesite to be Restored

Top of William Howell's headstone,Chewton,2009.

Creek running through Chewton Cemetery, 2009.

Top of William Howell's headstone, Chewton.

William Howell's headstone on the ground at Chewton, 2009.

William Howell's headstone, Chewton.